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Level 5 restrictions

As the Country is once again back in level 5 restrictions that means that Mass can have NO congregation present.

All Masses are live on the Church webcam

The Church is open for private prayer (please wipe down the seat you sit in with the wipes available)

Keep each other in prayer

Stay at home

God bless,
Fr Michael

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idonate facility for Donations to Parish

If anyone wishes to make a contribution to the Parish you can click on the link below.

Thank you to all who have made contributions or dropped in the parish envelopes to the Parochial House in Church Hill. It is really appreciated especially during these difficult times for everyone financially.

Contributions from 15th March – 10th May = €665,

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ACCORD Catholic Marriage Care Service is currently recruiting volunteers to train as marriage preparation course facilitators. If you have a positive attitude towards marriage in the Catholic Church, If you have the enthusiasm to be part of the Accord team in supporting couples who are preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage. Successful applicants will receive professional training and will be